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P O box 764213
Dallas Texas

(214) 339 4601

We make Old-Fashioned Tea Cakes like grandma used to make.    Our products are made from scratch right here in Texas, not what you get from the big box stores.  Our menu includes a variety of snack food items  that are flavored with memories of home. 

Premium Peanut Patties

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Premium Peanut Patties


Premium Peanut Patties


Peanut patties first became popular with southern solders during the American Civil War. Today, you can order these wonderful candies directly from the Texas Tea Cake Company.

These are not the typical 50¢ peanut patties you find in candy stores or gas stations. Our large premium peanut patties are made with the finest Spanish peanuts, pure vanilla, and a special blend of spices. Instead of red dye, our premium peanut patties get their rosy color from a hint of natural beet juice. These handmade peanut patties melt in your mouth and will have you coming back for more.

These peanut patties are in the shape of the Lone Star State! Each order includes 6 large (approximately 4 inch) patties.

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